Signs of Fall

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Signs of Fall are all over the place here in Indiana.

  2. I wish I were there still. I go back in my mind all the time to sitting in those woods with the lights out and just being there. That was the most awesome time ever.

  3. Just beautiful pictures! Your leaves are turning red and gold, whilst here, we've got pink, spring blossoms on all the trees.

  4. Vivienne; I love the colorful changes in the leaves. We don't get much of here in Phx. but if we drive alittle north, we see the changes.

    Sis; I would like to see how beautiful it is now. We need to take a drive to Flagstaff for the day and check it out.

    LGH; red, gold, orange, I love it. The pink must be beautiful too.

  5. You really have to keep a sharp eye out for the colors out there. Here in Michigan you can't miss it.

    Nice pics - I really liked that first black & white one up the pine tree. Trees look so different from that angle - one of my favorites.

  6. Bubba; I like that picture too. I walked down the stairs of our cabin with my camera, looked up and like what I saw so I snapped a picture.


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