Down on the Farm

Along with the haunting corn maze, and wonderful pumpkin patch, Schnepf Farms had many other fun things to offer.  The smell of BBQ resonated all over the place with some of the best chili around making our mouths water.  After eating our delicious dinner, we wandered around the farm to see the sites.  There were rides for the little kiddies and some for us bigger kiddies too.  There was farm animals in pens and some we could pet.  We walked down the main drag where a person's sweet tooth would start aching with delight.  There was a candy store and others with homemade treats.  We had a great time scaring ourselves and others in the corn maze, cruising on the hayride, and eating the Italian ice right before leaving for home.  All and all, we had a blast at Schnepf Farms.

I had to get my face painted with a black widow.


the pig run (wee wee wee, all the way home)

I found a pair I liked. (tee hee)

Deer seen on the hayride.


  1. I seriously want that doll that was atop of the sweet shop. What a freaking creepy statue that'd be in my home.

  2. I am sure you would find the perfect place for her with the other dolls.

  3. That dark sunflower is beautiful! I've never seen one in that color before. That picture of you with the pumpkins is a riot! It looks like a fun day. :)

    Oh, and I'm hoping to see that picture of you as the toothpaste, so I can add it to the blog party tomorrow! I think it would be a cute addition.

  4. There were so many different colors of sunflowers in the field. They were so beautiful. I sent you the pictures. It was a bit hard to walk in that costume.


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