POE Hunting at Night

The woods are scary at night.  Our scout found a nice area for us to hike to for our hunt.  He was hiking around and came across an interesting place with water about a mile from our cabin.  When we started out, it was still daylight.  Halfway through the hike, the sun went down and it was pitch black.  Because I live in the valley and not used to the altitude, the hike was kicking my butt.  I couldn't breathe and needed to stop.  We found an area along the path with smooth rocks to sit on.  Sharon, my hubby and I sat there and rested while the other two guys hiked on to the end.  As we sat there, the woods came alive.  We heard all kinds of weird grunting, brush moving, and other noises we couldn't explain.  We were surrounded by pitch black forests with all kinds of critters roaming around and possibly Bigfoot as well.  Way off in the distance, we could hear dogs barking and see lights from vehicles on the dirt roads.  Even when the guys returned, we stayed there for awhile enjoying the clear skies.  We could see satellites and shooting stars flying by us.  We were hoping something else more interesting would be in the sky, but alas that didn't happen either.  We headed back not finding Bigfoot or UFO's but had a great adventure anyway.

Interesting.  It looks like an angel.


  1. That was a freaking blast. I really needed that! I feel so at home in the woods. It was like visiting an old friend.

  2. Haha, it is snowing there today. We picked the right weekend to go. The weather was cool and the experience was fun.

    Demonic, thanks!

  3. I love that angel image in the tree stump! It's so cool to see things like that in nature. I've never seen a tree stump with any image on it actually.


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