Wupatki Ruins

East of Flagstaff, near Sunset Crater Volcano, are the ruins of the farming community of Wupatki (wuh-POT-kee).  Built sometime between 400 to 1700, this unique settlement was able to thrive even with the scarce water supply and harsh weather.  Wupatki was self sustaining with a mix of Sinagua, Chohonina, and Kayenta Anasazi cultures trading and working together to built a successful community.

The homes were constructed with sandstone, limestone blocks, and chunks of basalt set with a clay-based mortar.  They ranged from single-story one family dwellings to multi-level high rises with over 100 rooms in each.  These sturdy structures have withstood the test of time throughout all the vandalism and unpredictable weather for over 700 years.  Surrounding the homes are a couple of circular formations.  One of the structures was a community room where the people gathered from time to time.  The other circular structure was a ceremonial ball court.  Many believe this also served as a watering hole when their water supply had become scarce. Wupatki was full of life until the surrounding lands made it impossible to survive.


  1. That's just amazing that that's held up for over 700 years. I'm lucky if I can build anything that lasts more than 7 months.

  2. Somehow I missed this one - looks cool.

    1. It is near Flagstaff, so when we stay there, we will check this place out.

  3. Always a question to what happened to the people living there.


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