Another Arizona Historic Site

Approximately 35 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ, and just past Two Guns, sits an enormous 50,000 year old hole in the ground.  The Meteor Crater is around 700 feet deep and three-quarters of a mile wide.  The impact is compared to hurricane-force winds blowing in all directions tossing 175 million tons of rock in the air.  The crater only took 10 seconds to form taking out all vegetation in the surrounding area.

My family and I revisited this large historic site the day before Thanksgiving.  It still takes my breath away seeing the devastation the meteor has caused.  It is an awesome site for all to visit.

The bottom of the crater.

A framed view of the San Francisco Peaks from the Meteor Crater.


  1. That place is so weird to visit and the drive there is equally weird. I think that part of AZ is just spooky and feels like you're at the top of the curve of the earth.

  2. Yeah, right after you leave Flagstaff the surrounding land is very desolate. You feel like you are in the middle of a horror flick.

  3. The pictures are awesome, but I bet to see that up close is just beyond amazing. So cool!


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