Staying Home and Keeping Busy

During this corona virus pandemic I am staying home with my hubby. This is the new normal for now, but I will probably do some things differently after this is over. One of the things I miss is visiting my 91 year old Mother. She is in a small group home and they locked it down over a month ago. She and all the ladies working and living there are all doing well. The virus has not gotten to them, thank goodness. I received a picture of her just recently, and I was thankful for that. I would rather stay away than be the one to get her sick.


Another thing I am doing different is shopping more online especially for food. I have always liked going inside the brick-and-mortar stores to do my shopping. I liked grabbing my cart and wandering around getting what was on my list and then some. I would rather pick out my own veggies and fruit, so letting someone else do that is different. We bought items online we probably would have went in the store for, but rather be safe than sorry.

What am I doing during this isolation time? Right before the lock down, we added height to our backyard fence so it is 6 feet all around. Two of the sides were 5 feet, but one was only 3 feet. We are used to our privacy and not noisy neighbors, so we had to raise the wall. We are so glad we did. This provided us with an area in our backyard to start a garden. We had a large one at our other home, but this one would be much smaller. We love our little piece of heaven in our backyard. We are already seeing growth from our seeds which are sprouting quickly. We added a bistro set to the area and we just love it. It is a perfect place to sit when the weather is nice.

Before with 3 foot wall.

After with 6 foot wall.

Our Garden

Besides the garden, I have been creating lots of logos for our Groovy New Life CafePress shop, Etsy shop, and blog. In our Etsy shop I added many vintage jewelry pieces from my Mother's collection. That took me a few days to do. The logos have been fun. I plan to do more later and add them to the shop. I have been watching many decoration videos along with how-to and living tiny vids as well. I am on season 4 of Sons of Anarchy and watched the entire 8 episodes of Tiger King like many others. That was interesting, weird, crazy and a bit disturbing. Also, watching old shows like Monsterquest and comedies.

My next projects are macrame, painting and bottle crafts. Although I miss running to the stores, especially the hobby and antique stores, I am making the best of this situation we are all in. Stay safe everyone and practice social distancing. 

This is my art and office space. I took over our sunroom.

My stay at home look.

The entrance to the sunroom and my space. The vintage french door does not move. It is basically a wall so light can come in from the sunroom to the inside space.

An old dresser I found at a yard sale serves to hold my artwork, paintings, drawing pads, my art supplies, paints, brushes and also holds two junk drawers.

I found this vintage hutch at an antique mall. It also serves as our bar.

My main art supply storage.

My drawing, painting and crafts table.

My computer workspace.


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