Crafts: Bottle and Clay Art

Sharon and I like watching YouTube videos, especially ones with craft ideas. We saw one where the woman took bottles, added air drying clay and painted them at the end. We just had to try this since we both love playing with clay and painting. We each choose three different bottles and added a different theme on each bottle. The lady on the video used abstract designs, but Sharon and I wanted to do things our way. It was fun, messy and a great way to spend a rainy day. We didn't expect the clay to crack in different places. It is a dry climate here, so we are going to dry the next ones slower and hope for no more cracks. Our next clay projects will be on different items we plan to buy at Goodwill. We will do videos and post those on our Groovy New Life blog and YouTube channel.
These are all the materials we used: bottles, air-dry clay, clay tools, tissue paper, mod podge glue, hot glue, foil, paper bowls, and paint.

We started by cutting the tissue paper.

We put the Mod Podge in the paper bowl and used sponge brushes.

We coated the bottle with the glue and laid the tissue on the bottle. We smoothed the tissue out with the brush but left some wrinkles for effect.

The final look with tissue on the bottles. I only did this method on two of my three bottles.

Next, we worked on our bottle's caps. We used foil and hot glue for this step.

I made a ball out of the foil about the size of the cap and glued it on top.

I added the clay on next.

This is the clay and tools we used.

My cap with clay and free hand design.

My first bottle had no tissue on it. This one is my desert scene.

This was the second one I did. Since I love exploring abandoned places, I created an old wood fence, rusty hinge and barbed wire wrapped around the bottle.

This bottle was heart shaped and reminded me of the 1970s and hippies so I decorated as such.

A peace sign with fringe on top.

These are the end products. I really like how they turned out.


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