AZ Haunted Hotels: Globe and Grand Canyon

The Noftsger Hill Inn (Globe)

The Noftsger was built in 1907 and was known as the Noftsger Hill Elementary school. It sits near the Old Dominion Mine in Globe and looks over the valley below. Stories of strange occurrences were reported even back when children filled its halls. Some would see a lantern light shining through the windows when no one was inside. The children often found the books in the room were moved from the place they were left at the end of the school day. Other objects had also mysteriously moved overnight as well. Children’s voices could be heard in the distance when there were no children present at the time. After the school was closed in 1981, stories of teachers buried in the basement circulated and many said that the place was haunted with their ghosts. A lady who lives nearby reported hearing a telephone ringing from inside the building but it was empty at the time.

Today, the Noftsger stands as a six room Inn and decorated with memorabilia dedicated to the mines that once made Globe a booming town. With all the paranormal claims at the Noftsger Inn, many of the souls from that era seem to be still hanging around the building. Some of the accounts are of children’s voices when no child was staying there, phantom footsteps, strange lights, objects moving on their own, and apparitions have been seen between the old walls of the Noftsger Inn.

Sharon and I stayed at the Noftsger twice with friends and had interesting experiences.  We experiences hearing a little girl, unexplained noises, weird EMF readings, strange EVPs and a Barbie doll sitting on the chalk board moved.  We are hoping to give this place another try next month.  If we do, I will post any strange occurances.  (Pictures from inside)

El Tovar Hotel (Grand Canyon National Park)

On January 14, 1905 and only 20 feet from the edge of the south rim of the Grand Canyon sits the El Tovar Hotel.  The building was constructed of logs and stones by the Fred Harvey Company.  It was an extraordinary place in its heyday where many prominent people like to stay.  The parking lot is a U-shape with a grave of a former Harvey girl who died many years ago.

The spirit of a black caped figure has often been seen walking along the pathway leading from the El Tovar Hotel, passing by the grave, and then disappearing behind the Hopi House.  The ghost of Fred Harvey, himself, has been seen on the third floor during the holiday season inviting guests to the annual Christmas gathering.  Allegedly, the third floor and the kitchen are the most haunted places at the hotel. (


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