No Checking in Here

The first time we saw this motel/hotel in Casa Grande, the place had a fence all around it.  You can imagine how excited we were to see the fence gone.  We made a u-turn and pulled into the dirt lot next to the main building.  Since I went crazy with the pictures, I will put this place in two post.  The first one shows the pool and motel cottages.


  1. I love how all of the rocks in that wall are so colorful. Well, I guess everything about that place is pretty colorful. Great pics.

  2. I love the rocks too. I would be great if I can find a house made from those colorful rocks.

  3. My grandmother built the pool, all of the rock walls, & the pond, by hand. She collected the rocks from the area. Not knowing anything about the place you probably looked over where she used the rocks to write her name & make flowers on top. She & my grandfather built the place in the 1930's. In the 1990's the family sold Sunset to some real losers who ran the place into the ground! It was a beautiful place in its day! I spent my childhood there.

    1. Thank you for the history of this place. We found it a wonderful place to take photos.

  4. Fascinating pics! I grew up in Casa Grande but don't remember this place - what is the location?



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