Pieper Mansion

Built in 1893 on one of the leading corners in Payson, Arizona, sits the Pieper Mansion.  Next to the mansion sits a poured adobe structure built in 1881.  Also on the land is five buildings used for rentals, each having a lively past of their own.  The property is for sale with the mansion, adobe house and rentals or if you are interested, the owner is willing to divide up the land and you have to buy it AS IS.


  1. That place was so cool and for sale too. The pics came out beautifully.

  2. That's a mansion? Oh man, that gave me a good chuckle. If that's not a case of caveat emptor, I don't know what is! (I actually don't mean this as snarky as it sounds. I had a discussion this past weekend about misleading descriptions and this sort of fit that theme.)

  3. Sis, it was cool and near the Ox Bow Saloon which will be a nice sales addition having a bar just within walking distance.

    Courtney, LOL, funny you would say that, we were questioning it being a mansion too.

  4. I was about to make a comment about that place being called a mansion, but I see that someone else got here before me. :) If that place is a mansion, what does that say about the surrounding houses? I guess it's all relative! I had to wonder about the "fine parties" too...

  5. Haha, yep Justine, we did take note of this small place being called a mansion. I guess it was big for the times. The surrounding houses are tiny which might explain things.

  6. my grandmother and great=grtandmother lived in the adobe house when she was in high school, probably about 1914-ish


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