Business All Gone

Abandoned restaurant in Stanfield, Arizona.


  1. Oh, sis, you really captured those places as I remember them!

  2. Hot dogs? If they sold chili-dogs they might still be in business. *wink*

  3. Thanks Sis! That place was interesting.

    Yep Barry, chili dogs would have made the difference, lol.

  4. Both sad and intriguing to see these pictures. I wonder what restaurant it was.

    I too blame the hot dogs. You can buy those at the grocery store for $1, come on!

  5. I love the Hot Dogs sign painted on the brick. I wonder if they advertised other foods on there as well.

  6. Beer, I know, those damn wieners!

    Vivienne, the only sign we saw on the walls was "hot dogs". It must have been their main


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