Looking for ET

Last night Sharon and I, along with some friends, scratched another thing off our bucket list, to go UFO watching in the desert.  We met up with our friends near the Superstition Mountains and brought out the chairs. We looked to the skies and the mountainous horizon, but we saw nothing.  This area has had many UFO sightings, but last night we didn't see any strange visitors in the sky.  We did see many stars in the sky along with some planets, shooting stars and of course airplanes.  Next to where we were sitting a van was a rockin' so we did not go a knockin'.  It was cold and we had fun conversations, but ET decided to stay home that night.  Oh well, maybe we will have better luck next time.

A snack for our ET friends.
Relaxing in our chairs.
Sharon looking to the skies.
I know the picture is dark, but Venus and Jupiter can be seen over the mountains.


  1. Glad you had a good time anyway.

    Sometimes planes can look like saucers depending on the lights and viewing angle.

  2. As always, a blast was had by all. It doesn't seem to matter what we do, we always find entertainment.

  3. Well, the Reese's Pieces were a good idea! What would you have done if E.T. did show up?

  4. Yeah, I figured if ET in the movie liked them, then what the hell I might as well give it a try. If the aliens showed up, I would have left the Reeses Pieces and hauled my ass to the mountains.


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