Quack, Quack

Past the Ox Bow Inn and on Main Street in Payson, is a beautiful park with lots of ducks waddling around.  Sharon and I decided to stop, take in the view and snap some pictures of our fine feathered friends.

Sharon taking a video of the ducks.

This duck has a weird hair thing going on. Sharon named
him "Donald Trump Duck".....lol.


  1. I miss Donald Trump Duck. He wore his tuft of hair so proudly.

  2. I bet he thought all the lady ducks were swooning over his fabulous hair, lol.

  3. Great name for the duck! Or, perhaps he is trying to look like Blogo?

  4. I'm always amazed to see any bodies of water in your Arizona pictures! I know you guys have some lakes, etc. but they just don't match the Arizona image in my mind. I guess this is in part because I have a relative who lives in AZ, and he sends me pictures from where he is. (He's in Marana) I've seen some pretty flowers and skies, but nothing lush! Anyway, I like Donald Trump Duck. :) I've never seen a duck with feathers/a wig like that!

  5. Every man needs to know where to go to get a good duck.


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