Awesome Antiques

The Art & Antique Corral store in Payson caught our attention with its amazing display in front of the store.  What we didn't expect was all the unbelievable antiques, stones, and quirky Arizona items we found inside. The owner's dog was adorable.  She followed Sharon and I all over the store, and even out in the back where there was a couple old doors we wanted but had no room to put in Sharon's car.  I could have spent all day at this place and not seen everything.  It is a must see if you love antiques.  It sits along the highway coming into Payson from Phoenix.

Our little watch dog.


  1. You know that the Oxbow Inn and the Western Village are our Payson places. When I get some extra cash, I sooooo want to go there and pick up a bunch of stuff. We better rent a truck. I have never found such great finds in one store ever.

    1. I know! There were so many things I wanted. When Gary and I finally buy a house, I want to furnish it with antiques. Like you said, we can rent or borrow a truck and have a blast shopping there. (Some day for sure!)

  2. Wow! You could do a really fun Addams Family mansion theme with some of the goodies I spied in these photos. I hope you get to go back there with a truck one day!


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