Inside the Ox Bow Inn

I did a post earlier about the history of the Ox Bow Inn and now I am posting more photos I took of the inside of this wonderful historic place.  I am also throwing in some outside photos too.  This was the place where the "Finding Bigfoot" town hall was held.

The bar area is where the meeting was held.
A tasty drink before the town hall meeting.
The back of the Ox Bow.

Stairs leading to the second floor which was being remodeled.

The banquet hall.
Hotel rooms in the back. (Not being used at the moment.)
The oxen wore this to plow.
The back where the rooms are located.
Carved into the bar.


  1. Love the butterfly!

  2. You captured that wonderful place just beautifully! It's gotta be my favorite "honky tonk" bar in AZ


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