Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haunted Places Along Route 66

One of the most nostalgic highways, where many a story has been told, is Route 66. It runs across the United States from Illinois to California. Along this historic highway lie many places where ghosts have made their homes, lurking in restaurants and hotels. Many stories are told of ghosts all along Route 66, just taking a walk down America’s highway.

A dream of mine would to be able to take a trip along Route 66 and stay at some of the haunted hotels or eat at a haunted restaurant. You definitely need the time and money to do this. My problem is that I have the time right now, just not the money.

Here is a list from Legends of America website of haunted places along Route 66 if you are interested:

In Illinois some of the haunted places along Route 66 are:
Ghosts of Historic Springfield
Ghosts of the Rialto Theatre in Joliet
Haunted Cigars & Stripes in Berwyn
Haunted Inn at 835, Springfield

In Missouri you will find a wide variety of haunted places to check out along the highway. Places such as:
Off the Path Devil's Promenade & the Hornet Spook Light
Ghosts of the Bethlehem Cemetery, St. Louis
Ghosts of Greater St. Louis
Haunted Bissell Mansion in St. Louis
Haunted Springfield
Lemp Mansion - St. Louis
Tribute to the Trail of Tears - Jerome
Off the Path Union Missouri Haunting
Wilson Creek & the Bloody Hill Ghosts

The next state along Route 66 is Oklahoma. This state also provides you with a ghostly good time:
Ghosts on Oklahoma's Route 66
Ghosts of the Tulsa Little Theatre
Haunted Belvidere Mansion in Claremore
A Haunting in Bristow
History and Haunting of the Gilcrease Museum
Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City

The big ol’ state of Texas offers the Ghostly Natatorium - Amarillo as a place to go for your ghostly addiction.

The next state along the highway is New Mexico. It also has a list of places that are haunted too:
The Ghosts of Albuquerque
Haunted Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque
La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe
La Posada Hotel in Santa Fe
More Haunted Places in Santa Fe
La Llorona in Albuquerque
Haunted Luna Mansion in Los Lunas

The next state that Route 66 runs through is my state of Arizona. I have to admit that I have only stayed at one of the places on the list (Monte Vista Hotel) but there is time to visit the others:
Ghosts of the Oatman Hotel
Ghosts of the Hotel Weatherford in Flagstaff
History & Haunting of the Navajo County Courthouse
Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff
Museum Club's Unearthly Guests
Red Garter Bed & Bakery Haunting

The last state and the other end of Route 66, is California. There are four distinct places to find ghosts in this state and they are:
Ghosts of Calico
Haunted Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica
Haunted Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena
Suicide Bridge on Route 66

If you are feeling like taking a ghostly trip to some haunted places, don’t forget to get your kicks on Route 66.