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From Gourds to Birdhouses

When I was searching through YouTube for videos to watch on various types of crafts, I came across some that were on designing gourds. I found it fascinating and thought Sharon and I should give it a try. I purchased three pear shaped gourds that I thought would make great birdhouses. It was a fun project and we did learn that cutting holes in gourds is not an easy tasks, especially if they are dry. After trying to make the perfect size hole with a drill, we ended up breaking the gourd. We didn't want to do that again, so with the tools we had, we drilled small holes around the penciled circles we drew for the birdhouse openings. After we drilled several holes, we took a flat head screwdriver and tapped between the drilled holes. This worked and we didn't break the gourds. We took exacto knives and trimmed off the jagged edges and smooth out the holes with sandpaper. After that, we found small tree limbs for a perch and drilled a hole to put them in. Next came painting. I have