Friday, January 23, 2009

Ouija Board: Spirit Board or Just a Game

Most of us have checked out Ouija boards at one time in our lives. For me, it was when I was in middle school. My friends and I would spend the night at one of our homes on the weekends. There were usually six of us and we loved getting scared. Our night would usually consist of cheesy scary movies, junk food and playing games. The games weren’t your typical board games but anything that might give us a scare. We might start out with: light as a feather, stiff as a board; or a séance; or we would pull out the Ouija board, which someone conveniently had. We would all put a finger on the triangle pointer and ask questions. The excitement would build when the pointer started moving. Of course we all swore that we didn’t move it. Nothing major happened, just a group of silly adolescent girls having fun.

Even though we had nothing happen afterwards, the same can’t be said for a friend of my daughters and her two roommates. They decided to check out the Ouija board one night that April had purchased. They asked all the questions and got movement from the pointer. After having fun, the board was put away and they went to bed. The next morning several of the kitchen cabinet doors were opened. They blamed each other for playing a prank but no one would fess up. The doors were shut and the two roommates went to work while April took a shower. When she returned to the kitchen, some of the cabinet doors where opened. She called her roommates to see if one of them returned and opened the cabinets, but they were already at work. Creepy feelings came over her at this point. This was only the beginning of many unexplained phenomenon to happen in that apartment. All April’s life strange paranormal activity kept happening to her or around her. This seemed to another chapter in the spooky life that was April’s. (I hope to write some blogs about some of these chapters). After a month or so of the paranormal activity in the apartment, they all moved out! Did some type of spirit, good or bad, get released when they used to Ouija board? I don’t know but the paranormal activity was real.

Ouija board (pronounced “weejah”) has been known as a spirit board or talking board. The board is made up of letters, numbers, and symbols all to help communicate with spirits. The triangle pointer (as I call it) is called a planchette and aides in spelling out the messages from the questions asked. Although “Ouija” is a trademark name, the term “Ouija Board” is abandoned as a registered trademark. The Ouija board goes as far back as 1200 B. C. and used by the Chinese as a method called “planchette writing”. On February 10, 1891, the Ouija board was patented, looking much like the board we use today.

The scientific explanation for the Quija board is that we are using our subconscious mind in directing our thought process. Some people believe that the Ouija board is so powerful that they a not aware that they are moving the planchette. They are so caught up in the moment and believe that some kind of spiritual force is answering their questions. Experiments were conducted to try and prove this theory right and concluded with different results.

A spiritualist explains the Quija board as vessel for spiritual contact. Some say that the contacted spirits may use the talents of a medium to get their messages across. The medium’s eyes are a vessel for a spirit to use and be able to point at the letters in order to form the message it needs to convey. Some don’t believe that the board has any mythical powers but used as a tool for a medium to communicate with spirits.

Of course, where would we be without the skeptic’s view? They feel that it is used to fool people, a prank, and that one person is indeed moving the planchette. Maybe, more than one person is in on the joke, with all moving the planchette slowly, having the unaware person thinking that it is moving on its own. Also, they may keep a straight face or show shock, keeping up with the prank. The skeptics believe that the planchette can only move by human power and not spiritual power.

Although many think of Ouija board as a simple game and harmless, some revere it as evil and dangerous. What may seem like a friendly spirit could be a demon spirit instead playing tricks on an unsuspecting victim. People have reported being haunted by ghosts, hearing voices and other unknown phenomenon after using the Ouija board. This is what happened to April and her roommates. There are many other stories similar to these that can be found on the Internet. What do you think? Is the Quija board evil or just a game?