Monday, August 10, 2009

After the Ouija Board: The Mysterious Call

Another evening shortly after April, her boyfriend and two roommates played with an Ouija board, they had another weird and creepy incident happen. It was very late in the night, one of her roommates was sleeping and the other wasn’t home from her night out yet. While April and her boyfriend were also sleeping, her roommate came home. Right after hearing the apartment door shut, April heard her cell phone ringing in the living room. She looked at the clock and noticed it was 3:00 am, and got up thinking that the call could be an emergency. As she was walking down the hall, her roommate came by and said that it was Kelly calling because she saw her name on the phone. Right when April was about to grab the phone, it stopped ringing. She picked it up and checked her missed calls, and saw that Kelly indeed called her at 3:00 am. She immediately called her back and was very worried about why she would call so late. On the other end of the phone she heard a very groggy “hello” from Kelly. April waited for a second for her to explain the call but she just asked April, what was up. April asked, “Why did you call me”. Surprised, Kelly responded with, “You called me”. Completely confused at this time, April decided it would be best to talk about it in the morning. The two girls hung up and right afterwards April could hear her boyfriend calling her name very faintly from the bedroom. When she walked in the room, she saw him sitting up at the end of the bed, pale as a ghost. He told her that a white mist formed in the doorway shortly after she left, and then sudden rushed towards him. He was so scared that he couldn’t move or speak for a few minutes. Then he told her that he felt the mist was evil, like it was the devil, and it lured her out of the room with the phone call. He continued to say that it wanted him to be alone, so it could attack him. April was not sure of what it could have been, but knows that he experienced something extremely frightening. They stayed up the rest of the night, not getting any sleep. The next day, April checked her phone before calling Kelly and noticed that the missed call she saw last night, was no longer there. Both her and her roommate saw Kelly’s name on the phone and under the missed calls, but it was no where on her phone. So why wasn’t it on the phone the next day? Was it the devil making the call to get her out of the room so he could attack her boyfriend? Who knows?