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Macrame on Bottles

Goodwill haul Since I am back doing macrame, I wanted to see ideas of what to do. I usually go to Pinterest for pictures and how-to videos. I found pictures of people who did macrame on vases and jars. I loved that idea, so I had to try it.  This vase was a Goodwill find and my first attempt. I love how it turned out. It looks even better with a candle inside. I will definitely doing more of these projects.

New in Our Etsy Shop

Check out the six new items in our Etsy shop. If you like purse charms, you will love these. We added lots of vintage jewelry a while back and will be added more soon. Also, check out the gorgeous wraps that our friend made for us. Sharon is doing some four panel macro paintings that will be added to the shop soon. Thank you for your support!