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From Glass to Ceramic Vases

I love it when I see a craft idea that is different with amazing results. Sharon and I love Justin Wray and the DIY Dollar Tree and thrift flip crafts he creates. It was his video on taking thrift store glass vases and turning them into boho chic ceramic looking creations.  This is his video we got inspired by: These are all the items you will need: spackling, dap, spray paint, glass vases and a comb. You start with dap and smear it all over the vase. I got the kind that need the trigger, it wasn't easy to get out. Sharon had to cut the bottom off. The squeeze kind would be much easier like what Justin used. Before it completely dries, take the comb and make horizontal lines circling around the vase. Do this from top to bottom. They should look something like these. After they dry, spray paint them. I used a heirloom white color but wished I choose a darker color. Next, you apply the spackling. We were concerned that it was pink, but it did dry white.

Creating a Bamboo Mirror

Sharon and I have see many small round mirrors with raffia, bamboo and jute decorating them. We just had to try this ourselves. Sharon found some place mats made of bamboo and bought some small round mirrors. We always like to give credit to the YouTube channels that inspired us to make these. Be sure to follow these talented DIYers:  XOMaCenna ,  Katia Nikolajew , and  Justin Wray We used a bamboo place mat for this project along with small round mirrors. I decided to cut each bamboo stick in half but not even. We cut a piece of cardboard and traced the mirror in the middle. We made sure we had a half an inch to glue on the bamboo sticks. We used a hot glue gun to attach the sticks. We glued one after the other making sure they flared out at the ends. This is how they looked finished. I decided to leave the uneven sticks. I like how it looks. Next, I glued on the mirror with a strong glue. It was not E6000, but just as good. Next, I unraveled the thick jute to make thinner pieces. I s

Ghost Mirrors

Sharon has done this project before and wanted me to try my hand at it. I like the idea and how hers came out. Mine wasn't too bad for my first try. After you clean the glass and print your picture to size using regular print paper, you modge podge it to the glass face down.   We didn't like the black frames, so we added white chalk paint to age them. We dipped our finger in water and slowly started rubbing off what we didn't want to show up. After you rub off everything you didn't want, spray the back with mirror paint. The finish mirror. I wish that I didn't rub so much off the bottom, but it turned out just fine.

Tissue Tye-Dye

Sharon and I watch lots of how-to DIY YouTube videos. We saw one of our favorites, XO MaCenna tye-dye items with tissue paper so we had to try it. I bought tissue paper at the store but didn't pay attention when she said we needed bleeding tissue paper. (Next time I will get it right.) We did have some success, and I will show the pictures, but watch her video if you want to do it right. ( We first soaked the items in water with some vinegar as well. See how awesome they would have turned out if I bought the right tissue paper. This is before we peeled off the tissue. None of the colors stuck to the items except yellow. BTW, you have to use organic material. It will not stick to synthetic cloth. At least I got that right.  Live and learn.

Upcycle Metal Baskets

I got these two metal baskets at Goodwill and wanted to change their look. I used jute on one and fluffy yarn on the other. I like the way they turned out.