Interesting Rock and Mountain Shapes

Thumb Butte, Prescott, AZ
Bell Mountain, Sedona AZ
Camel Rock
Elephant Rock
Elephant Foot Rock
Sleeping Cat
Old Man, New Hamshire
Penguin Rock
Wave Rock


  1. Wicked! And I was thinking just the other day of some of the nasty names of washes in AZ, like Dry Beaver and Bloody Basin. Oh, and then there's Double Buttes, which we always call "the Butt." I remember when I first moved out here, my dad liked to play a road game (because I bellyached about the naked ugly mountains). He'd have me name them for what they looked like. Picacho peak became "Scottie dog head" and Weaver's Needle became "the hitchhiker" and Pinnacle Peak became "the wise man." I always like Camelback Mountain's Praying Monk, myself. Very majestic! Cool post--this was fun!

  2. That cat rock is pretty awesome! So is the elephant.

    But isn't the camel rock the same exact one as the penguin one??

  3. That's funny Mikey, I didn't notice. They showed up on two different photos under separate names, lol. I suppose it is all in the angle to which it is viewed.

    Autumn, we do have some stange names for our basins. It makes you wonder who named them and why? I did forget to add Camelback Mountain and Monument Valley. I'm sure there are more but I thought these were pretty interesting.

  4. I have never seen the cat rock before, thanks.

  5. Those are awesome. I especially like the cat.

  6. Great photos! Some of these formations I've even seen in person! (And I've even hiked to the top of Thumb Butte! One of my favorite pics of myself is from that trail in fact.)

    But that sleeping cat one...AWESOME! Neat, neat, neat photos all around. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm glad you all enjoyed them. I had fun finding them and seeing what Mother Nature has done with alittle help from above.

  8. Just what Autumnforest said -Wicked!! They had thought there might be a curse on those state quarters for awhile -NY on 9/11 was released in 2001 and "The old man in the mountain" for N Hampshire was no more released than the front part of the head fell off!!
    I dont believe in it myself but i could actually see how that urban legend got started
    all the best to the both of you!!

  9. ps sorry meant to say this right off-the cat rock was so frikkin awesome loved it-and I stole the pic-hope it is ok?!!

  10. Our friends that live in New Hampshire did say that the old man's face did fall off, so sad. I'm glad that we (my family) and I got to see it before that happened. No problems about the cat picture, I thought it was pretty cool too.

  11. have you ever seen the cat mountain in person or know someone who has?

  12. I haven't seen it nor do I know of anyone that has. I would love to get see it in person.

  13. We are doing a book at our design agency with a short story on rock formations. Is there any way we could get the original pictures of the sleeping cat and the elephant foot? Also, do you know the specific location of these two rock formations?



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