Brunckow's Cabin: Arizona's Bloodiest Cabin

I always get excited when someone tells me about another place in Arizona history with a great past. Sharon told me about Brunckow’s cabin and wants to visit it when we finally make our trip to Tombstone. A place that is known to be haunted and has a bloody history is one that this lady has to visit.

Approximately 8 miles southwest of Tombstone, there lies the ruins of a cabin know as “the bloodiest cabin in Arizona history”. The Brunckow’s cabin was built in 1858 by a German mining engineer, Frederick Brunckow. Brunckow worked a mine on the San Pedro which was located near his cabin.

History is told that 21 people were murdered in his cabin, including Brunckow. Even though he was able to escape the divine retribution of the Apache, he could not escape the Mexicans that took his life. The story is told that he was killed by his own rock drill and then thrown down one of his shafts. After his murder, 17 others were killed before 1880, with three more after that.

Today the meager ruins of the cabin are all that can be found. There are claims of seeing ghosts by those who dare to camp at the cabin and say it is haunted. Perhaps Brunckow and the others have never left the place where their lives were violently taken.


  1. A hard life out there back then.

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  2. LOL, thanks Sucio, I have meant to turn that thing off but I kept forgetting. They sure did have lots of elements to fight, not only the Apache, outlaws, but the harsh desert weather as well.

  3. We're definitely hitting that when we do the Bird Cage, sis! In fact, I'm going to check into when would be a good time to go to Bird Cage and we can get together a little group who wants to investigate. I just want to see the full body apparition if I can. That is always a mind blowing experience. I'd like to try some things at the cabin and test some theories.

  4. I'm going to kill my travel agent for not putting this place on my overnight hotel list!

  5. What a sad tale; I'm sure you and Autumnforest will have a fabulous time investigating. Can't wait to hear the results!

  6. Sharon; We should do a Tombstone/cabin trip before it gets gawd aweful hot.

    Beer; yes I totally agree. A place like this should be at the top of every travel agents "must see" lists.

    Brenda; I can't wait to see this place in person and see if any ghosties appear to us.

  7. That would be a fun place to see! Camp? Hmmm...I might do that! When you and Sharon plan on going to Tombstone, let me know....I may try to go with y'all if it's going to be a bit! LOL

  8. Hey Sucio, I had to put the captcha back on, I was getting lots of spam.

    Tara, love the profile photo... we will let you know when the trip to Tombstone and the cabin will happen. We are wanting to investigate the Birdcage.

  9. Be sure to take your gun when heading to Bruckow Cabine--lots of dangerous people pass across that land...and don't go on a rainy day.....see my EXAMINER story about that!! Yipes!
    Haunted? yes! I have been there several times and weird things always happen!

  10. Anonymous is really me, Debe, but it was the only way it would let me post? LOL

  11. Debe; I thought it was you... I did read your article and it makes me want to visit the cabin even more.


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