Sanderson Sister's Cocktail

Our cocktail for this Halloween season was tasty and made from three different mixes. We decided to call it the Sanderson Sister's Cocktail after our favorite witchy sisters from Hocus Pocus. This is how we made it:

Pineapple juice, champagne, coconut rum, food coloring and black Twizzlers.

Snip the ends off the the Twizzlers so you can use them as straws.

We wanted them to be orange so we added red and yellow food coloring.

We added the food coloring first.

Next came the pineapple juice. We did not measure the liquor. We just put in whatever amount looked good.

Next came the champagne.

The rum is next. We added a generous portion.

Add the Twizzler straws and enjoy.

Delicious! My advice is to put more rum in than pineapple juice. It was much better.

Michael Myers approves!


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