DIY Project: Antique Sewing Machine Cabinet

A few years ago, I found an antique sewing machine cabinet at an antique store in Payson, AZ. I had always wanted one to use as a desk, so I bought it. It sat in my art room at our last home, and became a plant stand at our current home.

We bought land in the high desert of Arizona. The first thing we are having built is a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. We felt that was important even if we had to camp on the land for a while, at least we had a nice bathroom which is currently being constructed. They will be putting a sink in, but I had a different idea.

I have saved several pictures of sewing cabinets that were turned into bathroom sinks and loved the idea. I told my husband about it, and he liked that idea too. Next thing we know, the plant was taken off the cabinet and we brought it outside on our patio. We had to remove the sewing machine and other parts that we didn't need.

I had all intention of sanding it and keeping its natural wood color. As I started sanding the top and drawers, I realized that the only way to make it look descent was to paint it. We found a sink we both loved along with the faucet and purchased them. We picked one of the colors in the sink and I matched it up with a color called Cowboy Suede. My husband cut a hole for the sink and then I was able to begin painting.

After putting wood putty in all the holes, I used white primer I had on hand to start painting it. There were many water stains that I was afraid would come through the paint, so I felt it needed priming. I did a couple of coats, let it dry for several days, and was able to being painting the topcoat.

That cabinet was not easy to paint around the area where the drawers sit. I am a messy painter anyway, so you could imagine how messy it got. After a couple of coats, we added back the top piece with the sink hole and sealed all around the seams. After that dried, I was able to finish painting the cabinet. I chose to paint the drawers inside the house because it was hot outside, and I couldn't be out there very long.

I repurposed the sewing machine and wood to use as decor.

Finally, it is finished being painted. After the paint was completely dried, I used several coats of polyacrylic to seal the paint and make it waterproof. I love the color we picked. It goes perfect with the sink. We will assemble it at the ranch and use the current sink as an outside sink. I can't wait to see it in the bathroom. We finally ordered a shed home, and it will be delivered in October. I am excited to start decorating it and making it a home.


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