Arroyo Ranch House Delivery

Yay, our house has arrived on our property. We ordered our 12x40 foot shed house in June of this year. The builder had trouble getting the metal roofing materials, so that is why the build took longer than usual. A couple of weeks ago we scheduled a delivery. My husband and friend went up there so they could be on the property for delivery. 

As bad luck would have it, Mother Nature decided to let it snow on that day. The driver could not safely deliver the house, so we had to reschedule. We scheduled the delivery for December 2nd (yesterday), and the weather was on our side. 

The only thing we stressed over was could that long truck get through the deep wash. The driver lifted his truck and drove right through it. After that, he drove down the street to the place where the house was to be set. Because they graded the property, the driver was able to get to the location we picked out for the house. 

The house faces southeast. The southern view is beautiful, and you can see all the way to the White Mountains. We decided to have it face slightly to the east because it faces all of our property and for wind blockage.

I will be at the delivery of the guest house and workshop in February. You know me, I will take lots of pictures and videos. We have lots of plans for the ranch and can't wait to share.


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