Arroyo Ranch February 2024 Update

 It has been a while since I have uploaded a video. We had to wait for winter and rainy weather to pass in order to get on the land. Gary and friends had been up there several times since I was able to go. They dropped off lots of tools, materials, furniture, heaters, and other items. They were able to add the heaters in, find temporary places for our compost toilets, add a compost area, add insulation, and work on the bathroom. It looks like a mess right now, but everything will be put in its place soon. We plan to be living up there fulltime by July, but we have lots to do to get us there. Next time Gary and the guys go up, we will have a 40 ft shipping container delivered, vaper barrier the walls, add paneling to the walls, install solar panels and electricity, add a rainwater catchment system, more water tanks, add the kitchen in, finish the bathhouse, and add a perimeter fence with electric wires to keep predators from getting in the property. There are lots to do, but I am confident the guys will get it done by July. Gary and I will work on flooring, the deck, and garden when we move up there. I am sure there will be lots more projects to do. I am hoping to get up there again in late May or early June and will be able to document all the changes.


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