Old Spaghetti Company: Pasta and Ghosts

It has be a long time since I had a meal at the Old Spaghetti Company. Any place that serves up pasta with a side of ghosts has my attention. Sitting in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on Central Avenue is an old building which once was two houses where the Cole and Baker families resided. Both houses were built in the 1920’s and were merged together when the Cole family bought the Baker House in the 1940’s. With an addition built between the houses to unite them into one establishment, a furniture shop was the first store to open its doors in the newly renovated building.

The building was eventually sold to the Barrow Family and then to a Phoenix business man in the 1970’s. He turned the building into a restaurant and the Spaghetti Company was born. It remained as such until 1996 when they sold the property to the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Shorty afterwards the ghost stories started to become more apparent after employees and guest started experiencing strange occurrences. One time when two Phoenix police officers were enjoying their dinner, they heard the loudest bone-chilling scream, almost like someone was being murdered. This visually shook up the employees as well as the officers. The scream came from an abandoned area on the second floor of the Baker house portion of the building. After being gone a long time to check out the incident, the officers came back downstairs and warned all the employees to not go up there but never elaborated on why.

There have been stories told about murders in that section of the building along with ghost sightings. An old man was bludgeoned to death while sleeping and a woman was shot and killed. Most of the paranormal activity was reported by the ones that worked there. The reports are from hearing someone whispering their names when they were alone, white masses floating in some of the rooms, tables and chairs moving on their own, lights turning off and on, and the sound of a woman crying in the basement. They also noted that under the buildings were bizarre tunnels that no one knew existed.
There have been paranormal teams that have investigated the place. Some have reported seeing an apparition of a girl floating, cold spots, an uneasy feeling, hearing a young girls voice saying “Mommy”, the faint sound of 1930’s music, and a woman’s voice.

Next time you are in the mood for an Italian dish; don’t forget to check out the Old Spaghetti Company and its unseen guests.


  1. That place is a classic! Makes you want to get a job there for a while just to see and hear stuff...

  2. Yeah! Working there would be interesting. Now that I know the place is haunted, I would like to sit down and have dinner there. That would be a fun place to ghost hunt too.

  3. Anyplace you can get spaghetti and see ghosts is probably jus about perfect.

  4. Wow - that place sounds awesome! I would love to visit it sometime. Very creepy and super cool! :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amen Jessica, I totally agree.

    Michelle, I haven't been there in a long time but feel a pasta craving coming on.

  6. I'll take the spaghetti with ghost balls please!

  7. Shiver...I am covered in goosebumps!

  8. MVD Ghostchasers, Mark, Kenton, Nancy and I did an investigation with AZCentral.com in the haunted areas--which is the upstairs and basement. We got some interesting EVP's and the ghost did not like me because I was too tan (just returned home from a cruise) She even tripped me at the end of the night.

  9. I did an investigation at their location in Duarte, CA, earlier this year. I love the company's mission of saving these historic structures and preserving as much of their history as possible.

  10. I was so excited to eat here when we lived in PHX. When I was a kid we went to the one in downtown Denver all the time. If there was a special occasion that's where I'd ask to go. (Or Red Lobster. It was always a toss up.) Then I moved to Tucson for school but when we moved to Phx we found Old Spaghetti Factory. It wasn't to far from where I worked (Arizona Center) so on days for bdays or going aways we'd take long lunches here. Go figure it's haunted. (Actually, I find a lot of Spaghetti Factories and Companies are. Hmmm...I'm thinking you may have sparked another blog...) GREAT post Julie!


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