Ghosts of the George and Dragon Pub

There is a quaint little place in downtown Phoenix that reflects the look and feel of a genuine English Public House or “Pub”. The George and Dragon Pub opened its doors in 1995 and deliver that remarkable one of a kind ambiance that is usually seen in English pubs. The George offers the finest collection of imported Ales, Stouts and most exceptional Scotches that has any world traveler feeling like they are back at home. Along with the generous array of drinks, the George also offers up the best lunches, and dinners, along with a side of ghosts.

The owner of the George and Dragon, David, said that many of paranormal activity have been witnessed by employees and patrons of the pub. There are claims of glasses being thrown, people hearing they names being called out, women being grabbed by unseen hands, and bottles of beer exploding in midair. Other reports are of disembodied voices, moaning, footsteps, and the towel dispenser in the men’s room clanking. Eyewitnesses have claims of seeing shadow people, and the computers turning on by invisible forces.

David said that wherever he was working, in London or America, the paranormal activity seemed to follow him and this place was no different. A manager told that having your back poked and hair pulled is an ordinary occurrence he and the other employees experience on a nightly basis. He hates being alone at night and is unwilling to do so. Most of the activity happens in the late hours when the place is quiet. Famous psychic/medium Allison DuBois sensed the spirits that were hanging around the pub when she visited the George. Several paranormal teams have investigated the alleged claims to see if they were true. One of the team’s crew members was setting up equipment in the kitchen, and he felt someone grab his arm but no one else was in the room at the time. Voices and spirits that appeared to be answering the investigator’s questions were picked up on the recorders. It seems like there are intelligent ghosts hovering around the pub perhaps waiting for that glass of extraordinary scotch.

David feels the spirits are there because across the street from the pub was an Indian burial ground. His employees tell a different story and feel that he brought the ghosts with him from wherever he used to live. Whatever the reason, put the George and Dragon Pub on your places to visit the next time you are in Phoenix.


  1. George and the Dragon Pub sounds wonderful without the ghosts and once you throw those in I would be drinking there every Saturday night.

  2. I've never had a ghost waiter.

  3. Jessica; yeah, I am hoping to have a drink their when I do a ghost hunt at the San Carlos hotel. The hotel is nearby.

    Gabriel; perhaps you have but didn't know it.....something to ponder over.

  4. The night the MVD Ghostchasers investigated the pub, we had an interaction with the computer screens that were acting like giant K-ll meters.......and we received a blank cashiers tape with the owners name on the top while he was away in London......
    Interesting night. Some of the upcoming workshop group will be dining there later this month...

  5. Debe, that is cool. I can't wait to be able to check out the place. I am hoping this month.

  6. Sounds great, with or without ghosts. But riddle me this? Does the activity follow him or vice versa? hahaha!!!

    There are ghosts everywhere I go. I've even had ghost sky waitresses before. Nothing like stopping yourself just prior to saying, "Excuse me miss, but..."

    Heart Centered Psychic

  7. Hey! This is one of my all time fave Haunt Jaunts! When I worked as a paralegal one of secretaries would often get us all together for Friday night happy hours at G&D. There was a waitress who told me that she wore bangle bracelets (the kind that clank and rattle) to keep the spirits away. This was right around the same time I went to Salt Lake and had that crazy experience at the Shilo Inn, so I was fascinated. Very neat you covered it. I've always meant to ask you if you've been there. Awesome place. And GREAT post!


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