The Hotel San Carlos Ghost Hunt Photos

More than 50 paranormal enthusiasts, along with their ghost hunting gear, converged on the known haunted Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix, AZ, this past Saturday night. Debe Branning hosted an informal investigation “Spirit Photo Workshop” where we got the opportunity to experience the ghostly activity that has been reported at the hotel.
At 3:00 pm we all met by the pool located on the third floor after dumping all our stuff in our rooms. Our room was on the fourth floor where the ghost children have been heard running up and down the halls late at night.  After the meet and greet and quick swim, we broke out in three separate groups for dinner. Three restaurants known for their paranormal activity were chosen. Our little group went to the George and Dragon that I wrote about earlier.  We met up with others that picked this fine English pub to have dinner.

After dinner it was back to the hotel where we split up in two separate groups for out private ghost tour. Our tour guide was Julia who took us to the manager’s apartment first. This area is where a couple of mischievous ghosts have made their presence known. There is one that makes his presence known in photos as orbs conveniently on women’s breasts. We offered up our girls but he wasn’t going for it.  We did an EVP session and Autumnforest did experience her hair being tugged.

Next, she took us down to the basement. This area has lots of activity and can be attributed to the tragic deaths that occurred down there. Because the hotel was first a school, the reported sightings in the basement are of children. The story is told that four boys were playing in the basement near where the well is located and all fell in and drowned. Their apparitions and the sound of children playing have been reported down there.  It was too hot and muggy, so we didn’t stay long.

Next was the stair case with its own interesting story. This is the stairs that Leone Jensen climbed to get to the rooftop where she plunged to her death. People have reports seeing a female figure floating down the hall on the 7th floor, and then moving up the stairs where it disappears.

Afterwards we decided to take another swim before the pool closed. The moon looked particularly creepy that night, especially next to the abandoned building across the street. 
 After a cool swim, we went to our room to conduct the experiments that Autumnforest had planned for us. No our good friend is not having a Flash Dance moment; it is just one of her experiments. There is a magnet in the band. She will explain more about all the experiments and results on her blog. (Investigation Hotel San Carlos Phoenix)   We did pick up some voices on our recorder and someone touched my foot while I was trying to sleep.

the hotel lobby

the mean streets of Phoenix from our room...
Don't know what that dude in the wheelchair is up to...

Abandoned building across the street from the hotel used to be a hotel or bank.

Hotel San Carlos in the morning. 

Looking down Central Avenue from the hotel.

*Check out Mike’s post on the history and haunts of the Hotel San Carlos:


  1. Had the place been quieter and we had more time there, it could have been an awesome hunt. I think the hotel would be smart to turn the manager's apartments into a giant suite that can be rented out for a ridiculous amount and then a small team could hunt there overnight. I had a total blast, though. I laughed so hard, my stomach muscles hurt the next day. It was just what I needed.

  2. We had a great little group that was perfect for all your experiments. Everyone was fun and a bit goofy, and we all needed the belly laughs. I had a blast too. The next day I took a two hour nap when I got home.

  3. that's awesome! glad you had a great time. i'll check out Autumn's post for the experiment details.

  4. Sandra, we had a great time. Autumnforest and I wish that all our blog buddies could have been there with us. Now that would have made for a crazy fun night!

  5. It was a fang-tastic nite considering the final total was right at 60 guests! I was pleased everyone played well and was respectful to each other.

    I think you guys were about the only ones that didn't come to the Senator Room to listen to our fabulous guest speakers. They had very valuable info to share with the investigators and lots of take home info and gifts.

    I also took a bunch of people out on a midnite hike to several haunted locations in downtown and did some nite photos....and then after that, a smaller group met about 2am and we did a seance...what a great night!
    I wish you guys could have stayed with the groups more and enjoyed the activities and mini investigations!

    I had a spooktacular time!!!! Can't wait to hike up the mountain to Boyd in the fall...start training!!! woo hoo

  6. Debe, I had a great time. I wish that we attended the speeches and took the midnight hike but time got away from us while doing experiments in the room. I had a great time and looking forward to your next workshop.

  7. HOW AWESOME! I love all the pics. it's fun to see the hotel, but bonus to see some of Phx (I know I've told you B4 how much I miss it, so that's why I enjoy your blog so much. I get to see "home" and quench my homesickness thirst!) But it's also fun to read all you saw, heard and did. But best of all...YOU DID GET T GO TO GEORGE & DRAGON! YAY! Very fun post. I think this is now in my top 5 all time faves of yours!

  8. Courtney, I am glad you enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing about our night. We had a great time and some interesting stuff happen. Can't wait to ghost hunt with you some day.

  9. Its to bad your not from Phoenix,me and some friends have been there 4 times and got to go to spots most people don not have access to via a source I am not willing to reveal.Not sure if you got to visit the room with all the really old pictures in it but me and my friends looked at a picture there and then came back later and the picture had changed also if you listen real close while at the floor where Leona jumped from over by the elevator there's a vent and you can hear some spooky stuff.The basement is best visited at night.Also are you aware of the man the fell off the stairs by the pool that died a couple years back as well,one of the workers that has worked there for many years is convinced he was pushed by ghosts.We have also seen a apparition of a bouncing ball that went down the hallway....


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