Florence: A Ghost Town

I'm not sure if it was because we were in Florence on a Sunday at four in the afternoon, or this crappy economy, but this town was virtually empty and looked like a ghost town.  We saw two cars and two humans on the sidewalk pass us by on this lonely downtown street.  Many of the buildings were empty but there was only one that Sharon pick up some sort of reading.  We drove around and took videos and photos of the many abandoned and old buildings.  It was very quiet and eerie standing in the middle of a street and not seeing a soul anywhere.  After cruising around we headed off to Adamsville (next post).


  1. It really did remind me of that movie House of Wax with the fake town front....

  2. It did seem like we were in the middle of that movie. Thank goodness we did see any wax figures.

  3. That looks like a real ghost town, for certain!


  4. Julie! You caught a headless shadow! LOL And wait....that park bench looks really familiar! What an empty place!

  5. Wow cool ... no lines to stand in

  6. Tara; I know, pretty cool.....the headless shadow figure. Did they steal your bench? You need to come here and take it back!

    Barry; no lines, no merchandise.....bummer!:-(


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