Picacho Peak

Sharon (Autumnforest, Ghost Hunting Theories) and I took a trip to Florence and Tucson, Arizona.  We hopped on the I-10 after breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and headed towards Tucson and our first stop, Vinnie's house.  Halfway between Phoenix and Tucson is a place known as Picacho Peak State Park.  Near the foot of this unusually shaped mountain, and near the highway, is the gift and souvenir shop.  We had to stop to check out the interesting items inside and for Sharon to get some quirky gifts for give-aways.  After the gift shop, we headed on to Vinnie's...

The "Plaza" consists of one building.

They are frickin' serious about this!

Sharon stole Josh Gates hat and is not giving it back until he takes her on an investigation.

Sharon and her new friend.  Nice body dude!

Hey, what are you reading?  They just ignored little ol' noisy me.

My new friend.  I love those Grizzly Adam type dudes.

Awww, Mamma and her baby!

This ain't no bull, it is us!


  1. Yeah, the camera on the roof of the car, probably not a good flat surface--we look like we're falling downhill. hee hee

    That was a freaking blast! Our road trips are always so funny that my mascara is running most of the time. That shop was priceless. My video of it will be up on Wednesday with the kitschie giveaway of gift shop goods.

  2. Hey you naughty kids get out of my store before I call the law.

  3. Y'all are so cute! I love the pictures Julie! But that is some twisted Cigar Store Indian! He's kinda scary! LOL I am so looking forward to meeting you two in person one day!

  4. Autumn; at least I don't look as short but what is up with those ghost white legs of mine, lol? Can't wait to see how things go in the haunted maze in a couple of weeks. That should be fun.

    Barry; did you see the picture of us? You are lookin' good. BTW, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday on your blog, but for some reason I can't comment. Are you blocking me?

    Tara; it must be his big ears that makes him so attractive, lol. He is one scary dude. Looking forward to seeing what kind of antics we can get into when you get here. We are waiting...

  5. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. No You a cutie, I wouldn't block you.

  6. I found you comments. Julie stay out of my spam folder. You don't want to associate with the people in that folder.

  7. Barry, I was in your spam folder? Well, that explains those weird people I met while trying to comment on your blog.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Autumn, I noticed that the camera angle had me on the low end. Not only am I ghost white but a hobbit as well, lol.

  10. I think the pic of you two is almost as awesome as the store sign! OK... maybe a little better! hee hee

    And, Tara? I'm kinda diggin' Sharon's new cigar buddy dude! Did you get a load of the abs on that guy?? He may look creepy and be holding a tomahawk... bit still!!

    Great photos, you two! :)

  11. it looks like you two had a blast! what fun! it reminded me that i have a cigar store indian here somewhere. how the hell does one lose a big indian like that?

  12. You kept me in the trunk the whole time. I haven't forgotten....

  13. Brenda; I am still learning my new camera and put it on top of her car, that is why we are leaning. The Indian dude did have rock solid abs, lol.

    jaz; we did have fun. Hope you can find your Indian. He is probably hiding somewhere and doesn't want to be found.

    Dale; is that a threat? I'm not afraid of you (I'm lying) and will not be intimidated by a plastic doll. Besides, your human has a surprise coming for you.....muhahaha!


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