Window Rock

Located in the northeastern portion of Arizona sits an interesting rock formation known as "Window Rock".  It is called "Tseghahoodzani" by the Navajo, which means "the rock with the hole in it".  The Navajo revere the rock as holy and symbolizes the capital of the Navajo nation. The huge sandstone rock stands about 200 feet, with a forty-seven foot hole in the center.

There are myths handed down through generations that tell stories of why the hole is in the rock.  One fable is the wind blew the opening when the world was being created.  The Navajo feel that a colossal snake formed the round gap and would slither through it while hunting for food.  They also believe that the rock's cavity is getting larger because the huge worm still exists, using the hole, and is growing larger.

Whatever the story really is, Window Rock is an enchanting site to be seen.


  1. Nice. You can also almost see a right hand making the "OK" sign....

  2. That looks amazing, and I'd love to visit that one day. Now then, I'm off to figure out how the hell you pronounce "Tseghahoodzani."

    1. Good luck with that. Let me know is you figure it out.


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