Another Travel Book

When I wrote my "Arizona's Back Roads" travel book, it started out to just be an information book.  My publisher, Dinah, asked me if I could change the concept and content of the book and make it a travel book.  I loved the idea and was up for the challenge.  I never wrote a travel book before, so I check others to get an idea of where to begin.

First of all, I changed the original title "Dead and Buried in the Southwest Desert", to what it is now.  I kept the chapters the same, but provided information and websites about each place.  All the pictures in the book were taken by me with an exception of a couple and was noted.  I am proud of how this book has turned out and can't wait to get feedback.  You can pre-order the book now and it will be available on October 28, 2014.  (All information is provided on my sidebar.)

After I noted all the places in this book, I realized that many other locations, cities and towns were left out.  My biggest surprise was Flagstaff, a city I spent lots of time in.  So, now I am working on another travel book.  This one will not only focus on those places I left out, but I will also add places in other southwest states.

Next year, Sharon and I are keeping our feet on the ground and driving to most of the places we have plans to visit.  We will be traveling to the Four Corners which will take us into New Mexico.  We have plans of visiting places in California and Nevada as well.  Our biggest trip is a train ride to Texas and maybe parts of Oklahoma.  That trip is slated to be in May or June of 2015.  As usual, I will be taking tons of pictures of all the places we travel to as well as documenting our adventures for that future book.  I am excited for the next book which is tentatively titled, "Southwest's Back Roads".


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