What's At the Nightmare Event?

Just recently I went to the Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare event. (http://www.greatamericannightmare.com/)  The setup is based on his movie "The Devil's Rejects".

You are sent through three spooky haunted houses.  The first house was called, "The Lords of Salem" and was a total blackout house.  You basically had to feel your way around the maze of rooms not knowing who or what was hiding in the darkness.

The second house was called, "Captain Spaulding's Clown School" and was a total 3D experience.  You were given 3D glasses at the beginning and entered into a very colorful maze of rooms.  I really like the 3D effect and how it messed with my eyes and mind.  There were things popping out at you and some blended into the background.  This one was very cool.

The third house was the recreation of the house and scenes from Rob Zombie's movie, "The Devil's Rejects".  The final house was named after the movie.  You are first treated to the opening gunfight and feel like you are right in the middle of it.  Then, you are taken inside the crazy world of the Firefly family and are greeted by each member.  Be aware of the insane people at the motel!!

When you final get out, they have entertainment on a stage and wandering monsters throughout the mall area.  I was hoping for more booths and attractions inside the mall area, but all and all, the attraction was a scary, fun event.

Here is Sharon's review of the event:

Here is the video my friend Damian put together from some of the pictures we took:


  1. Even if it wasn't completely everything you were hoping for, I bet you girls had an absolute ball! :)


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