Fear Farm 2016

Fear Farm (http://fearfarm.com) has five spooky houses with different themes and the largest corn maze in Phoenix.  Along with the houses, they added a haunted hayride this year.  Fear Farm sits on 30 acres and is the "largest outdoor haunted attraction in the valley".  This fun frightening horror allure has many running and screaming to get away from the creepy creatures inside each building.

Sharon and I saw this place in the daytime a couple of years ago while participating in FearCon. (Fear Farm Daytime Tour).  We decided to check it out at night to be a part of the scary excitement.  We decided to forgo the Slaughterhouse and the Undead house.  We just were not in the mood to be chased by zombies or a mad butcher.

The first house we checked out was Mouth of Madness.  The large clown at the front of the building was intriguing.  Besides, who isn't scared of clowns?  The walls were painted with florescent paint where clowns were jumping out at you everywhere.  It was a long walk though a crazy circus.  I did jump a few times, but it was the damn chainsaw at the end that got me running.  It was a good start to our night.

Our next stop was the Haunted Hayride.  This I have to admit was my favorite attraction.  A small group of people pile in the back of a wagon filled with hay.  We were entertained by the host with a southern accent who told us the story of the cornfield where he once lived.  We all had to sit with our back against the bar facing inward.  It was creepy not knowing if someone or something was going to be right behind you.  This happened to me a couple of times, and yes, I did let out a scream.  We cruised throughout the cornfield coming across small homes, crazy people and the goatman.  The ride was fun, scary and totally worth the extra $10 to ride it.

After the hayride, we walked through the cornfield next to it.  The lady said it should only take 20 minutes to walk through it, but that is if you are lucky.  Muwahahah!!  It is dark and has many trails.  I don't know how long it took us to get out, but we sure did have fun taking pictures while wandering around.

The next place was The Bunker.  A creepy man at the door tells us that aliens were experimented on and many of those went horribly wrong.  We were to keep walking and not to interact with the creatures inside.  This place had steps up and some down.  Thank goodness there were people in front of us so we knew when the steps were coming.  It was an interesting attraction, but the best part was the creepy alien sounds.  Some sounded like Predator.

The last place had a creepy church you start out in with a goatman theme.  We walked or ran through buildings, cemeteries and dead bodies.  It was a fun ending to our night of horror.

I give Fear Farm two enthusiastic thumbs up.  It is a great place to be scared and get in to the Halloween spirit.


  1. Fear Farm is the perfect haunted house. The Thirteenth Floor was more intense, but Fear Farm was more fun, at least when I went a couple years ago.


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