Durango Colorado

This year’s family vacation was spent in Durango, CO.  We drove from Phoenix to Durango in over 7 hours.  Since it was summer, we lost an hour.  We got there at dinnertime and barbequed hotdogs.  The town was nice and the weather was perfect.  The house we rented was about a half an hour from downtown Durango and 5 minutes from Purgatory.  My next several posts will be all about our trip with tons of photos.
Durango is located in the southwestern portion of Colorado and close to the edge of New Mexico.  The tiny town came to existence in September 1880 as a planned municipality for the San Juan mining district.  The locale was selected near the Animas River by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  The town was established and named after Durango, Mexico by Alexander C. Hunt.
Today, Durango has lots to offer.  You can ride the 19th-century Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad steam train back and forth to each town.  You pass through tall mountains and deep canyons to the most breathtaking scenery.  You can check out the Railroad Museum located at the train station in Durango.  Inside you will see refurbished locomotives, aircraft and a baggage car which is now a movie theater.  Also, close to the museum is the Powerhouse Science Center where you can encounter interactive exhibits.  This building used to serve as a power plant. 
There are lots to experience in Durango.  Check out this website for more:  https://www.durango.org/


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