The Haunted Little Church

A few weeks ago, my paranormal team, Arizona Paranormal Research, did a study and investigation of a small abandoned church. One of our team members was contacted by a church associate about the unusual events that they have experienced inside the church and nearby cemetery. We thought it was the perfect place for our team to investigate.

Because we plan to go back to research the place further, I won’t divulge its name and location. The church is located at the end of a narrow road with the cemetery next to it. We unloaded our equipment and proceeded to take pictures inside and outside of the church. While others set up their cameras and audio recorders in various locations throughout the church, Sharon and I walked over to the cemetery to take photos. By this time, it was getting dark and the cemetery was very creepy. We walked back to the church to begin our investigation.

Sharon walked around the place with dowsing rods and marked all the locations where they crossed. After they were done setting up, we stepped outside for a few minutes to give the church a chance to settle. We started out with all of us sitting in various locations in the pews to do an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session. Someone would ask a question, wait a few minutes to hopefully get a response, and then another question would be asked. Noises and footsteps were heard and hopefully captured by our equipment. We sat there for about an hour before calling it quits.

After the group gathering, we did one-on-one shifts, 20 minutes at a time. Sharon went first. The others walked over to the cemetery while I waited outside checking things out on my phone. Unfortunately, every time I liked something on Facebook, it made a popping noise which Sharon heard from inside. My bad!! I went next. I introduced myself and proceeded to ask questions. At one point I thought I heard whispering and noises. I did say that my granddaughter played the piano and asked the spirit if they could play the organ for me. After that, I heard two loud noises coming for the area where the organ was. Hum, were they letting me know they were there? I don’t know. 

All and all, it was a fantastic investigation. We all experienced different things. So far, we did capture whispers, laughter, and other noises. The evidence will eventually be found on our website as soon as they are done reviewing everything.


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