Abandoned Miami AZ: Sykes Alley

When cruising around a mining town looking for abandoned structures, don't forget the alleys. Five years ago was the first time we ran across Sykes Alley in Miami. We had been to that town many times but usually stayed around the main drag, Orphan Street and the Bee Apartments. When we planned to go to Miami in 2016, we did a search on Google Earth to see if we were missing more abandoned places. We saw the red light district street and this alley that looked like it had several empty facades. We were so delighted to find these places which gave us so many more photos to take.

Five years ago, the buildings on Sykes Alley were a bit decayed by being neglected for many years. Now, when comparing my pictures I can see the changes. Check out my recent post on the differences: Miami AZ: Five Years of Changes. The corner green house is gone as well as the second floor of the building next door. The inside of the building if very different. All and all, it still gave us gorgeous abandoned photos to take.


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