Sedona 2021: Oak Creek Canyon

Sharon and I picked our last full day in Sedona to be spent in Oak Creek Canyon by the creek. We know it is gorgeous in the canyon and it would be cool near the icy waters of the creek. We stopped by the Oak Creek Market along the way to grab lunch. We wanted to have a picnic near Slide Rock, but that didn't happen. The line getting into Slide Rock was so long and the sign said that the lot was full. We didn't want to wait for a hour or two to get in. Sharon got wind of another place down the highway from there, so we decided to check it out. She was told it had abandoned ruins of some historic buildings. We were definitely excited about that.

We ended up going to West Fork Oak Creek Trail Head which was much smaller than Slide Rock and less crowded. This place has several trails to hike. Some are 3 miles long and others are much shorter. We opted for the shorter one. We left our lunch in the ice chest and hiked as far as the creek. It didn't take long before we can hear the sound of rushing water. Shortly afterwards, we saw a bridge over the creek and small paths leading down to the water. We took the short walk to the water, took our sandals off, found a rock to sit on, and enjoyed the serenity of the creek. We stayed there for awhile and took in the peaceful moment. I took lots of pictures because the place was just beautiful.

We didn't find the abandoned structures, but we didn't care. We wanted some time enjoying the creek and we got that. We decided to take our lunch back to our hotel room and eat it there. It was just too hot for a picnic, but spending time by the creek made our day.


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