Wikieup Trading Post: Burned Down

Just recently, my husband and I went back to Laughlin to celebrate his birthday. On the trip up we pass through Wikieup AZ. We will usually have to stop for gas, to pee and stretch. One of the places I like to stop at was the trading post. It was huge and had lots of items to shop for. It also had a grill, unusual stuff on the walls and sitting in chairs. When Sharon and I went there in 2015, we had a blast just walking around the place. She wanted to get the Jackalope. We also had lunch there as well. I did a post on it after our visit: Wikieup Trading Post and Restaurant (

Sadly, on this last visit, we were shocked to see that the entire trading post had burned down taking all the fabulous stuff with it. We were told that it happened in May of 2021 and we were shown pictures of the blaze. I was heartbroken. I loved that place and hope they do rebuild it.


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