The Arroyo Ranch Project


As I noted on an earlier post, my hubby and I, along with two others, bought 80 acres (two 40 acre lots) of land in the northeast part of Arizona. The land is near the towns of St. Johns and Show Low, AZ. We are very close to the New Mexico border with Gallup close to us as well.

This month, March 2022, we start developing the land and adding structures to it. On one of our lots, the land is fairly level. That is the area my hubby and I want to put a house and other structures. The view from there is amazing. They will start with that area and grade the ground for our future home. They also plan to add a perimeter fence around the approximately 2 or 3 acres for security from the critters that roam in that area. Along with the fence and grading, they will add a septic tank, water tanks and a building to house a bathroom. It is very important to this gal that a bathroom be up there first, lol. My hubby will go up there for a couple days to see what they do and take pictures for me.

Next month, Gary and I will go up to Show Low for a couple nights and visit the ranch so I can see what they have done. I plan to document everything and will post it all as it develops. We are hoping to have a small house build by June of this year as our home when we are there. After that, we have so many other structures to add like a guest house, art space building and a workshop. We are also putting a shipping container on the land for storage. We can put our Tracker inside when we bring it up.

We are so excited about creating a place we can escape to. Who knows, maybe we may decide to live there full time on our off grid homestead.


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