From Vanity Mess to Gorgeous Desk

My husband and I bought this antique vanity from an estate sale our handyman had attended. He saw our recycled sewing machine cabinet and thought we might want to refresh this vanity. We accepted the challenge. It was a mess. The veneer was wrinkled and falling off in some places and the drawers' pulls were thin and breaking. I had a vision and so the fun began.

The first thing was to chisel off the veneer. My husband took on that task.

Next, he created a back piece because we think a mirror used to be in that spot. I drew it up and he cut it for me.

Then came the sanding. I pulled all the drawers and sanded them first. Then we flipped the desk upside down so I could sand the bottom and then I sanded the top. I did have to wood glue some areas as well as add wood filler.

All the pieces were brought inside to be painted. I live in the lower desert of Arizona where it is very hot and hard to be outside long. On top of that, it is monsoon season and that brings up our humidity. It is very uncomfortable, and I am usually dripping sweat after 10 minutes. The next was a black primer paint. I used a black chalk paint for the base.

I chose a white semi-gloss for the topcoat. My plan was to sand distress the entire piece and have the black paint underneath show up. I lined the drawers with a soft liner that doesn't slip. We also replaced the drawer pulls. I really like how gorgeous it turned out.


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