Getting Ready for the Ranch

In about a month, our house will be delivered on our land. The boys are planning a trip before then to grade the land where the house is going and the driveway to that location. They are also planning on burying the septic tank and finishing the bathroom. Meanwhile, Gary and I have been doing lots of DIY projects of items we are bring up there and antique shopping as well. This is what we have so far:

The antique sewing machine cabinet we turned into a bathroom sink. I did a post about it.

The vanity I redid. I did a post about it.

We picked up 6 used solar panels. We hope they work well for us.

paneling for our walls

paneling and two butcher block counter tops

I found this small farmhouse table at the antique mall. It is the perfect size for our ranch house.

My addition to our picnic table.

I got this chair at an antique mall. I was wabbly and the seat was not safe to sit on. The wood had some gross sticky stuff on it.

We added foam and a board to the bottom, tightened the screws and cleaned the wood with Oxy and water. It looks so much better and is safe to sit on.

This chair I got from my Mom. It needed some love.

This is after I DIYed it.

We found this farm chair at the antique mall.

This is a food storage cabinet we found at the antique mall.


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