Hiking the Salt River

A couple of friends and I decided to hike along the Salt River near the Superstition Mountains. It was a beautiful day in spring and the area was amazing. We did go there for another reason, bigfoot. Yep, I said it. Apparently, the big fella has been spotted there by several witnesses. My friends had rocks thrown at them the last time there we there and saw many areas where grass was pressed down like something big had been lying there. They wanted to go back to see if they experience anything else and I wanted to go with them.

The hike was beautiful, but since I am not an avid hiker, it got grueling at times, and my bad knee didn't like it. I really need to get into better shape. Anyhow, we did see several hidden places where some sort of large creature made itself a bed. Was it bigfoot? Who knows, but we sure thought so. I am sure my friends will be back and continue their investigation.


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