Walls and Bathroom Window Done: Arroyo Ranch

The paneling and walls are done in the interior of our home. We also hired someone to finish the roof of the bath house. Gary did lots of organizing as well on his last visit. We are talking to a contractor on building our perimeter fence. That, along with the bath house door and window, pony wall and house's bathroom/closet wall are Gary's next items to get finished. I am excited to get the perimeter fence up to feel more secure and safe against predators. 

Gary can do lots of work on our homestead, but what he can't do we are hiring out to locals for help. He is getting a quote on the fence along with help to put in the back door and wood burning stove. I will be going up with him soon to put in the kitchen. I am excited to have the kitchen put in. It will feel more like a home. I will definitely take pictures of that.


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