UFO Sightings at Estrella Mountains

Arizona may have Bigfoot’s prints imbedded in the soil around the state, but UFO sightings have been just as prevalent. I have blogged about the Phoenix Lights and the abduction of Travis Walton in the White Mountains. Another place that seems to get its fair share of sightings is over the Estrella Mountains. These sightings are not as famous as the Phoenix Lights, but have been seen by many over a course of several years.

During one sighting, the lights were reported as three distinctive twinkling lights and appeared to be hovering over the Estrella Mountains. They were amber in color and very bright. They seemed to be too enormous to be an airplane and did not seem likely to be balloons, which are frequently spotted in the skies of Arizona. The lights also looked to be close to each other, but not touching. Some witnesses said that the lights were moving back and forth simultaneously.

Other witnesses have their stories of what they saw when the mysterious lights appeared in the sky. The strange object was triangular in shape with three white strobe lights forming the shape. It was estimated that the craft was probably the size of a football field. The three lights appeared to pulsing in sync with each other. They noticed that there was no sound coming from the strange object. The sky was clear, the stars were bright, but you couldn’t see the stars between the lights. This gave the appearance that it was one large solid triangular object in the sky.

On other occasions, both fighter jets and the mysterious lights were seen in the sky on the same nights. When the jets got closer to the lights, they would immediately shut off. There was no explanation for this action or if the jets were responsible for the removal of the illumination from the lights in the sky.

There were some speculations that these lights were just flares being dropped by the nearby Air Force base or helium balloons with flares attached. The base would typically drop flares about every night but the Estrella lights didn’t appear to have started off from the base.

Like the Phoenix Lights, there are just no conclusive explanations for why many people have reported seeing unknown lights over the Estrella Mountains. I did see some videos of these lights, but they were too grainy to tell whether they were real or not.


  1. That's where I wanna go with you gals some time, to Gila Bend to spend the night and UFO watch at the Estrellas. I've seen some amazing things there. We got the UFo going over our house from the south to north along I-10. It was three white ball-shapes that appeared as if they were attached into a triangle. It moved slowly and steadily in a very purposeful path. We got some good shots of it and all of us agreed--UFO. It was definitely nothing that we could have ever imagined. I've seen that a lot of folks are witnessing that one in the Southwest from California to New Mexico and up to Utah and Nevada. Makes me wonder if it's a military idea--but I don't know why we'd invent something that moves silently, slowly, and is so awkwardly shaped, or why we'd fly it overhead in broad daylight in a state that almost never has clouds...

  2. I would love to either take a day trip or spend the night in Gila Bend soon. That place has all kinds of sightings, cool places to see and stories about those places.I could probably get several posts on that place alone.

  3. I'm not sure I believe UFOs are from outer space, but probably military related. But I am always fascinated by all the eyewitness accounts and it does make me wonder.
    Autumn, did you get video or photos? Can you post them?

  4. Wish I could go with you all! UFOs fascinate me as much as anything else paranormal. I often wonder just how many are the real thing and how many are military craft. I also wonder about all of the technology that we have "created" or "discovered" in a very short amount of time. Could it have come from reverse engineering of alien crafts? Maybe someday we will know.........

  5. Sandra and Rowan; I have never witnessed an UFO sighting personally, but many have. There are just so many questions to what the strange lights are. Until then, many have their theories.

    Sharon, I also wanted to know if you had any video of your sightings that you can post on your blog?

  6. Hey, I was wondering about your opinion. It seems that UFO sitings are more prevalent in the west in the desert. Do you think that is a function of better visability, psychology, or more activity?

  7. I used to live next to the Estrellas where this happens and I would video tape. Please check out my youtube video at


    You can discern between the authentic unidentfied versus the flares using a long exposure setting or open shutter bulb exposure on an SLR camera as with a flare you will see a smoke trail in the photo, You will also see blurred movement trail as the flares are actually moving in a falling pattern as the are usually falling with parachutes from what I understand.

    I lived there in Maricopa in Rancho Eldorado so I had a front row seat to this show each and everynight. I do not know this to be a militarized zone for training but the Military is out there in the form of Air Force Space Command. you can see the facility right on the Route 347 going to Maricopa on the west side of the road right before you get to Maricopa. Just google "Air Force Space Command in Maricopa AZ"

    I believe that flares are regularly dropped there in order to confuse those of us that are aware and watching.

    I regularly do UFO sky watches out there still after moving back to Chandler and I tell you that "they never left" and "they have been here longer than we have"

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7vWhDxf4u0&feature=related


    i see these lights every time i am home!! i also live in maricopa by the railroads!! and i see these mysterious lights at night..it occurs usually durin 8:00 p.m. till 9:45 p.m. they will show up then 15 mins later they will reappear and its constant for an hour!! check out the footage i got it!!


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