Friday, April 29, 2011

My Crazy Week

What started out as a fantastic week didn’t end as well.  On Monday my hubby and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Sedona.  We stayed at Hotel L’auberge De Sedona which is located near Oak Creek.  We had a lovely cottage near the creek where we watched the ducks play.  The weather was in the 70’s, very clear and crisp.  The night before was to be our UFO tour but because of the high winds, that was cancelled.  The next day on our anniversary we decided to hit the many shops and take a ride up the narrow road through Oak Creek Canyon to the lookout above.  If you are ever in Sedona, you have to take that drive.  It is gorgeous up there and throughout the canyon.  We had a nice dinner later on and the rest I won’t mention, *wink*.

The next day we decided to take a trip to Jerome since it is only a few miles away from Sedona.  After driving the winding two lane narrow road to the top where the shops are located, we got out to check out the place.  The wind was blowing and it was chilly.  Jerome is like a throw-back to the 70’s.  Everyone is laid back and in a bit of a time warp.  I rather enjoyed that about the place.  There were many abandoned places and historical buildings but my hubs is not an adventurer and didn’t want to stop.  We did check out a couple of places but to get the full effect of what Jerome is all about, I will need to spend the night there with my road trip buddy (Sharon) and get into mischief getting our photos and video of the many cool places around town.

After Jerome, we went to the historic ruins of Tuzigoot.  It is amazing to see the partial construction of an ancient Indian ruins that were built thousands of years ago.  I took many pictures and will do a post on Tuzigoot and Jerome later.

Before arriving back at our cottage, we went back to the shops and grabbed a bite to eat.  We had to buy some delish chocolates on the way back to the car.  Back at the cottage, I took a bite of caramel and my damn temporary crown came off.  At dinner, I had to eat on the other side of my mouth where I have a broken tooth.  I have been putting off getting the permanent crown and a root canal on the broken tooth because of finances.  We simply don’t have the money for them right now.  The broken tooth has messed up my gums and now is infected.  It hurts like a mother f…er!

Today I was scheduled to finally get the basal cell cancer removed from my face.  But because my gums and tooth may be infected, the surgeon cancelled.  He wants me to see the dentist, get the tooth fixed and get my surgery rescheduled.  I have an appointment with the dentist later and hope he can fix the problem. 

What started out as a great week didn’t end on a high note.  I plan to take it easy this weekend, work on my book, and hopefully get more crafts done.  Next week promises to be better.  I will be busy getting ready for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday party and hopefully will be blessed with being a grandma again.  My son and his wife are expecting any day now and we are so excited.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Bradshaw Mountains

Located in central Arizona in the Sonoran Desert sits the harsh black rock terrain known as the Bradshaw Mountains.  Named after William Bradshaw, this mountain range consists of an interior forest, to an exterior desert grassland and shrubbery from the Sonoran Desert surrounding the rocks.

(From Wikipedia)  The first known settlements in the Bradshaw’s were a group of Yavapai Indians called the Kwevkapaya who built forts and mined copper from around AD 1100 to 1600.  Apaches occupied the area around 1800 as a means of keeping white settlers out.  But by 1863, a party led by William Bradshaw was in the area, followed by the Walker party.  In 1864, a group of five white settlers was attacked by Apaches at what is now called Battle Flat.  One of the settlers went for help, but upon his return found the Apaches had left.  The Walker party found gold, and within a few years, the Bradshaw’s were filling up with settlers mining for gold, silver, and copper.  In the early part of the 20th century, most of the towns that had sprung up were little more than ghost towns.”
Today there are over 40 ghost towns that surround the Bradshaw Mountains.  Along with the cacti, several creatures such as javelinas, mule deer, wild turkey and short-horned lizards make the black rocks and surrounding desert their home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Abandoned Dog Track

As we got off the highway to Black Canyon City, this abandoned dog track caught our eyes.  I wanted to take photos so we drove around to see if there was an entrance to the grounds.  After being harassed by a buzzard and couldn't find an entrance, we went back to the start of the road, parked the car, and got as close as we could to the building.

This once was a thriving greyhound dog racing track.  In 1982 it was closed and has sat abandoned, deteriorating from the harsh Arizona climate.  I just saw it as another beautiful photo opportunity.

Monday, April 25, 2011

That Darn Buzzard

While cruising the back roads in Black Canyon City, we had a buzzard that appeared to be following us.  We stopped the car and tried to get pictures and a video but he wasn't cooperating.  He finally flew away and got bored of the crazy human ladies.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Aura

While in Sedona, Sharon wanted me to get my aura picture taken.  After parking her car, we jumped the puddles and tried not to slip in ice (which I did later on) and walked into the Center for the New Age to check it out.  In a back room, I sat on a couch and thought happy thoughts of my granddaughter while she snapped the picture.  She took turns reading each of our pictures and this is what she got from mine:

I am a problem solver and peacemaker.  The Indigo color shows that I have healing ability, kindness, reticence, seriousness, caution and integrity.  The Turquoise means loving, healing aspect of the heart, generosity of life, a reacher with lots of energy surrounding me.  The white represents spirituality, oneness and I am protected by angels.  That color blends with the turquoise color.

As she was reading my picture, I couldn't believe how much of who I am was being told back to me.  I found the whole experience interesting.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Montezuma Castle

Tucked in the mountains and just outside Sedona in the Verde Valley is the site where cliff dwellers once lived known as Montezuma Castle.  This six story dwelling with its 45 rooms is remarkably well preserved but seriously deteriorating.  It was built by the Southern Sinagua people in the 12th century using limestone, a soft material causing varying breakage over time.  Sinagua is Spanish for “without water”.  Historians can only speculate that they build so high in the rocky cliffs because the spot offered protection from the desert elements.   They cleverly wedged their lodgings in the rock, 100 feet above Oak Creek, which runs through the red rocks of Sedona and used as their water source.  The Sinagua people were hunters, gatherers and artisans.  They made their own stone tools and used the red rock materials that surrounded them for their pottery.  The Montezuma Castle Sinagua lived in their rock high-rise apartments for over 400 years before disappearing mysteriously.

Spirit bird watching the place?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wild West Antiques: Western Steampunk

Love the antique stores and try not to miss any while visiting the small towns of Arizona.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Springtime in Sedona?

Thick fog hiding the redrocks.

Sleeping bear covered with snow.

An elk striking a pose.

Beautiful cactus cover with snow.

Statue with a "snowhock" as Sharon called it.

Mr. Snowhocks garden buddies.

Pink Jeep Tours for a cruise around the deserts for the best
view of the wonderful Sedona redrocks.

Sharon's little snowghost.

View from inside Sharon's car (the back window in the morning).

My most delicious spinach/cream cheese chimichanga.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mayer's White Cemetery

Sharon and I had to wait at the cemetery in Mayer for the cemetery crawl contestants to show up.  It snowed most of the time while we were there and the wind was chilly.  This is the first time taking photos of a cemetery with snow on the ground.  It was breathtaking.

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