The Abandoned Dog Track

As we got off the highway to Black Canyon City, this abandoned dog track caught our eyes.  I wanted to take photos so we drove around to see if there was an entrance to the grounds.  After being harassed by a buzzard and couldn't find an entrance, we went back to the start of the road, parked the car, and got as close as we could to the building.

This once was a thriving greyhound dog racing track.  In 1982 it was closed and has sat abandoned, deteriorating from the harsh Arizona climate.  I just saw it as another beautiful photo opportunity.


  1. Okay, sis. Next time, we're sneaking in at sunset! I gotta see the inside of that thing.

  2. Nice Shots. I haven't even heard of grey hound racing in a long time. I wonder if it still even exists.

  3. Shots of the inside would be Cool....I like the last photo that shows the Name...They are all really nice Photos but the last one really catches my interest the most...

  4. You continue to find some super neat places and your camera continues to capture their spirits. Cool job!

  5. Great pictures. We still have some greyhound racing in Alabama. It leads to a lot of abandoned dogs.

  6. OK Sis, don't forget to bring the wire cutters and wear fast-running shoes.

    Dr. Heckle; we want to see the inside, I bet it is even creepier where all the action was.

    LI; many of the tracks have closed down around here. The economy has hurt the business.

    adele; I know that last picture almost says it all.

    Courtney; Sharon and I are out to find as many of these cool places as we can.

    MM; no abandoned dogs but we did see a couple of empty wicker loveseats just sitting in the middle of the desert.

    Jessica; they had a place where all the retired greyhounds went to be adopted. I'm not sure if it is still around but I was glad that the dogs were able to go somewhere and be loved.


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