Springtime in Sedona?

Thick fog hiding the redrocks.

Sleeping bear covered with snow.

An elk striking a pose.

Beautiful cactus cover with snow.

Statue with a "snowhock" as Sharon called it.

Mr. Snowhocks garden buddies.

Pink Jeep Tours for a cruise around the deserts for the best
view of the wonderful Sedona redrocks.

Sharon's little snowghost.

View from inside Sharon's car (the back window in the morning).

My most delicious spinach/cream cheese chimichanga.


  1. Surely the snow will be GONE soon! :)

    Nice images.

  2. That was one insane trip, but I'm glad I had you at my side, Julie! You are a great cheerleader. And, I did get to hit you with a snowball, so that was fun!

  3. I am SO ready for the sunshine and warmer weather. This is insane.

    And oooooh, chimichanga...

  4. Lois; I think it already is gone. My hubby and I are going there in a week and I am hoping for beautiful weather.

    Sis; that was an insane trip and one I'm glad we did. I still owe a snowball tossed at you, but since we probably won't see snow again until next winter, you will have to settle for a dirtball, tee hee.

    LinI; it went from freezing cold weather last weekend in Sedona to over 90 degrees in Phoenix this weekend. Mother Nature must be going through menapause. Oh yeah, that chimi was delish!


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